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duo formed in 2012 and based in brussels,
ilill plays a primitive but sophisticate music, in which simplicity is
associated to experience and radicalism. This approach, of a rather
basic rock instrumental combination has been described by the word
Postpunk. This could be found in the repetitive structure of the songs
as in the vocal expressiveness of Mariette Michaud.
Voice, guitar, bass tom, big synth, cymbals and fury.

Mariette Michaud is also experimental filmmaker and sings French songs
mainly from the 1930s repertoire in Demi-Brides.

Jean-Philippe Saulou has been seen and heard in / with u.n.d.o, Bülanz
Tendance King Kong or the Anti Rubber Brain Factory ...


Nalov - Cyclope
TTT08 // ilill // Nalov - Cyclope