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TTT17 // Grind Master Flesh // Schadelfrost


Side A

A1 human ruins
A2 grgrggg
A3 abkönnen
A4 gangrene II
A5 goo
A6 lycidhyl
A7 labour II

Side B

B1 dbd
B2 fights
B3 gangrene III
B4 alles voll stahl und idioten
B5 ich zerbarst
B6 run
B7 concrete floor

Schädelfrost is Grindmaster Flesh's aka ZombieFleshEater's original cold cut. A powerful blend of experimental noise breakcore, guaranteed to put you in a harsh climate, freezing your veins, skull and bones. Thermal shock is inevitable.
Influenced by some of his favorite releases and tapes from the late 90s. Schädelfrost is also a statement against the aseptic sound characteristics which are predominant and widely accepted in many parts of current hardcore and breakcore.
Don't wait too long, only 75 icicled tapes are made.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on 04/05, 2016.
Artwork by CCCPu

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Grind Master Flesh
Grind Master Flesh