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TTT22 // Muqata a // Dubt Al Ghubar

Dubt Al Ghubar

Side A

01 - Muqadima / مقدمة
02 - Al-ma'raka Al-uwla / المعركة الأولى
03 - Asfal Masloob / أسفل مسلوب
04 - Haswet Phalasipha / حصوة الفلاسفة
05 - Suqoot Hor / سقوط حر
06 - Shahiq Al-insijam / شهيق الإنسجام

Side B

07 - Thakirat Al-ma' / ذاكرة الماء
08 - 'Isyan Tiqani / عصيان تقني
09 - Al-tahaluf / التحالف
10 - Al-ma'raka Al-thaniya / المعركة الثانية
11 - Khalal 432 / خلل ٤٣٢

Dubt Al-Ghubar (adjust the dust in arabic), is a metaphor of the coming or even the current era. The era where artificial intelligence is dominating all aspects of life by manipulating matter on an unseen scale, and decides that it no longer has any use for the human species. After a long battle, humans are destroyed along with their culture and civilization. A new world is being built. But a small group of A.I, feeling deficient, has started to use found vocal sounds and other sonic remnants of humans, metaphoricaly transcribed from the track Shahiq Al-insijam (inhaling unison) and Thakirat Al-ma' (water's memory), where they begin using tribal music in order to appropriate culture, and obtain some sort of soul. Such radical change in perception within A.I's has created division amongst them. Those who want to dominate nature and those who want to assimilate. 'Isyan Tiqani (Technical Disobediance) is the representation of the clash from within. What was previously not known, is that a small group of humans have survived in the underground and formed an alliance (Al Tahaluf) with some other intelligence forms. Thus another battle begins.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on 3rd september 2017.
Artwork by CCCPu.

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Muqata a
Muqata a