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TTT24 // Sub-Altern Massive Head // Dawn Of The Head - Naida

Dawn Of The Head - Naida

Side A : Dawn of the Head
1 - Chaouen à l'envers
2- Killer is dead
3- Bunker beard
4- Monica
5- Sehrij Gnawa
6- Zoso HBU (Feat. Pavleisdead & Gonzo pke)
7- Another Vermin (Feat. Bloodmouth & Arnod)
8- No Fire (Feat. Pavleisdead)
9- Swinecunt (Feat. Bloodmouth & Arnod)

Side B: Naïda
1- Tramen
2- Fitoy
3- Daguak
4- Fost
5- Soido
6- Deheaazan
7- Space Fish

A side is Massive Head first appearance. Massive dirty beats from K(no o), retortured through dark hands of almighty Sub-Altern, processed and blessed by  Bobé Van Jézu precisely placing soundscapes and field recordings to it. The result is a loud, demented and tormented ,instrumental dub hiphop. Last tracks features Arnod, Gonzo pke, MC Pavleisdead, and BloodMouth, . 

B side is Sub-Altern on it's own, continuing his dub, dark hiphop path. With very metallic and creaky soundscapes and colour, just like his former albums, flirting in the dub alchemy, and with his confrontational, socially-conscious style of performing and producing he dirtied, distorted, obscured everything.
A mixture of strident dubs recorded during nights of obscure insomnia. Born of a light fog that licks like a cat that divests itself of its dreams. Doomed to disappear. They finally remained ... what has been understood no longer exists.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on 3rd november 2017.
Artwork by CCCPu.

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Massive Head
Massive Head