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TTT28 // Tiny Tramp Dave Phillips // 171214


Side A
Tiny Tramp live 171214

Side B
Dave Phillips live action 171214

Tiny Tramp and Dave Phillips first met in tel aviv in 2012, invoked by insect voodoo, then in zürich in 2015, summoned by eb.erian magic. something was in the air ever since, but had to wait until amélie, an engaged organisational force with a knack for special locations, brought them together to tour five french cities at the end of 2017. these here live-sets were recorded on a farm, somewhere on the outskirts of rennes, on a cold december night.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on march 28 2019.
Artwork by CCCPu.

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Tiny Tramp
Tiny Tramp
Dave Phillips
Dave Phillips