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TTT36 // Hanali // Gorge Bricolage

Gorge Bricolage

TTT is more than happy to release this masterpiece from Hanali, the master of Gorge music. Full of toms, energy, electronic madness and psychedelic voice samples, this tape will definitely be welcomed in the walkmans of all rock climbers worldwide, and beyond ! Dancefloor and/or really trippy, it is hard to categorize Hanali's music and this release is no exception. What an unexpected travel it is : sometimes dark, sometimes sunny, sometimes funny, but for sure it is always catchy and makes you want to join the ride in lost mountains of Japan ! Gorge is crazy, Gorge is unique, Gorge is Gorge.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on january 10 2022.
Artwork by CCCPu.

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