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TTT37 // Aymeric De Tapol // No Dub : Plonger

No Dub : Plonger

After a first release on Third Type Tapes with Cancellled (his duo with Yann Leguay) this new one brings to tape two solo Aymeric De Tapol sets of tracks with two disctinct flavours.
No DUB and Plonger are archives of "dub workshops" recorded in his home studio SOYLENT GREEN from 2009 to 2019.
The wizard of sounds shows us his deep love for dub echoes, warm analog thrills and minimalistic compositions on this double A sides tape.
"a" side is No DUB, melting analog electronics with all kinds of sound sources in a psychedelic, fresh and playful dubwise style.
"A" side is Plonger, which explores underwater landscapes with a more profound, massive and reduced set of basses, beats and electronic sounds.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on february 15 2022.
Artwork by CCCPu.

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Aymeric De Tapol
Aymeric De Tapol