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TTT04 // DJ Die Soon // the curse of yonoyon ( live at Budokan )

the curse of yonoyon ( live at Budokan )


1. Sabu Chan Ft. Ex-Dj Hotel
2. The Curse Of YONOYON (Extended Version)
3. Toxic Avenger II
4. Kichi Guy
5. Dancho Tatari 0
6. Dancho Tatari
7. Ultra Air Catch
8. United Forces
9. Aja vs Kill
10. Cockin' On Heaven's Door


11. Keep Oreo
12. Rock'n'Roll Piero Part1/2 HD
13. Ja Ranti
14. Ja Ranti 2
15. Das Anesan Ft. Ex-Dj Hotel
16. Erison Pella
17. Hanayashiki
18. Techno Cut
19. Brother Kone Ft. Ex-Dj Hotel
20. Tousatu Dancho

Dj Die Soon - The Curse of Yonoyon ( live at Budokan )

A fantomatic and fantastic piece of matter cursed by Dj Die Soon. This piece of work is dommed by dirty distorted breaks, heavy wacking grooves and hidden messages which you would probably hear only if you are still alive until the end of the tape.
Dj Die Soon aka Dingy Dysu, is a hiphop and noisy dance DJ and beatmaker who lives in Berlin. Appart from his frequent DJ and live performances, he is also an active member of the Small But Hard label.

Limited 75 hand-numbered tapes edition on Third Type Tapes, released on october 8, 2013.
Artwork by CCCPu, silkprinted by Bruce Silkscreen.

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DJ Die Soon
DJ Die Soon