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13-12-2013 // Luxembourg - Cessange w: Exoterrism

Luxembourg - Cessange w: Exoterrism

Cessange Supercollider workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use and program your own analog and digital synthesizers and effects, using Supercollider.
We will also learn how to use supercollider as a live instrument (livecoding) , how to interface it with external softwares hardwares, and finally we will create our own music, using patterns to switch on and off sounds to create rythms.
This workshop is for all musicians interested in using supercollider or musicians who wish to understand common synthesis techniques. Advanced Supercollider users are also welcome to participate.

Day 1

Morning 10h-13h SuperCollider Basics
-SuperCollider Introduction to language and server,
basic algorithms, Stochastic, Markov Chains,
-Basic Sound Synthesis (Spectral Model , Abstract Model)

Afternoon 14h-16h Advanced Sound Synthesis and Live Coding
-Pysical Model (Ruiz Strings, Karplus-Strong, Waveguide, ..)
-Processed Recording (Granular Synthesis, Wavetable synthesis, Wavelet T,Sampling ...)
-JitLib, Ndef, ProxySpace

Day 2

Morning 10h-13h Interactivity and Interfaces
-Interfacing with other hardwares softwares using Midi, OSC, Analog Synths, Midi Controllers,
-Graphical User interface
-Machine Listening , FFT

Bring your controllers GamePads, Arduino, Wok, Frying Pan, Carrots, whatever...

Day 2

Afternoon 14h-16h Patterns Tasks Routines (Practical)
Create beats , Analog like Drum Machines , How to arrange your track etc..
In this lesson we will learn Pdef, Tdef, Ndef, Routines, and Demand Rate.

Day 3

Afternoon 14h-16h Audiovisual with SC
Scoping, Mapping, Vectors, Animations

20 euros per day
day 3 is 10 euros
30 euros for 3 days

If the dates are a problem we can also for example rearrange the schedules
for example:
december 14th -15th
9-13h :: 14h-18h
in two days the other schedule is a more laidback lazy schedule

if everyone agrees but please pm before

limited to 8 person maximum
payment via paypal here before the 13th december 2013 :
(at the bottom of the page)

please specify in advance which day you would like to attend or if you would like to attend all 3 days
you can also decide after the first day if you wish to continue the rest of the workshops the 3 days promotion will still be valid.

Please install the latest Supercollider version before coming to the workshop (Mac, Win , Linux)
install it for free here:
if you need help please pm or phone
enquiries: +32466146950