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28-12-2013 // Den Haag - Villa 5 Jaar w: Exoterrism

Den Haag - Villa 5 Jaar w: Exoterrism

Villa 5 Jaar

Celebrating the Villa's 5th birthday since the bold squat in 2008. For this occasion we have the pleasure of serving you with a line up of live performances & DJ's that will lift up your party spirits to astronomic proportion..need to cool down? Outside we have Sauna and BBQ TOGO as well. Villa friends, party enthusiasts and free spirits, join in....

Live Acts:
- Carnival (Elektro Ocean Partee) (Carnival)
- ExoTerrism (Tech-Hop/SuperCollider) (ThirdTypeTapes)

- IrfieJ
- Brother Louis
- Jack Tulp & Kenny Harder
- Krank Pappa

The Carnival project it’s an Electronic Duo based in Den Haag(NL), created by Viola Zorzi (vocalist & composer) and Marcello Mazzocco (keyboardist & composer), active since December 2009.

An eclectic and outside the lines show, a strong and motivating sound accompanied by a 360° experience, made with colorful visuals, light games, olfactory elements and solid audio frequencies. Their influences allow them to always experiment with new rhythms and new sounds, surfing pleasantly on the electronic waves. Their performance faithfully accompanies their words, their message of Love. We would rather say a recommendation, an invitation to love and face life in perpetual contact with your inner child, keeping your brain creative, awaken, free and alight.

Exoterrism is a chinese fugitif, ex-shaolin, triad of WanChai (Hong Kong). He's mainly manipulating Feng Shui, QiGong, Chaotic functions, and Algorithms to produce unstable phenomenons between dimensions. His influences are coming from radioactive frequencies, extra-sensorial perceptions, synaesthetics, post apocalyptic mayhem, the nasdaq stock market and the jungle.