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07-01-2014 // Bruxelles - TTT party

Bruxelles - TTT party

DJ set:
ê—ˆWeird Dust (Brussels, Be) tapes mix

ê—ˆMéLODiK PiNPON (Brussels, Be)

ê—ˆMARCEL DUSWAMP (Baltimore, USA)
Ripped jeans, lumberjack shirt, crazy hairdo, foaming at the mouth, groove box on the dinner table, microphone in the hand, up for a good brawl. Marcel Du Swamp’s artistic programme is typically a collage from the repertoire of classic teenage rebellion antics. The recombination of all-too-familiar material entails a potentiation of the supposedly simple. Put otherwise: One can only marvel at how bubbly the quagmire of adolescent emotional crap can explode in your face once again. Du Swamp makes punk with a beatbox: muffled bass, noise, screams – all sliders to the max. As is generally known, his famous foregoer Marcel Duchamp profiled himself in his later years as a chess champion. Thus all doors are open for Du Swamp’s musical future. Chinese Chequers Core? Malefiz Metal? Trouble Techno?

ê—ˆSFTSTPS (Berlin, GER)
SFTSTPS is the sound of computers with feelings. This means being human and using the wrong sound. This also means wonderment. This could also mean watching the world collap­se. This is one or many people steeped in American top 40 through walls of egregious noise. This is seeing if you can bend the notes further and learning how to dance. This is ste­aling sounds and seeing where they fall.

ê—ˆ"FYOELK (Antwerp, BE) Fyoelk reveals the solo adventures by two legs of freeform acid beat duo Laser Poodle, residing in Antwerp. After going through a period of improvised analog electronics, his newer sound explorations have returned to the track format, utilizing MIDI technology. Driven by a newfound love for primal Chicago house and cosmic disco, polymorphous synth sequences and tribal percussion blend into sonic wormholes. Fyoelk runs the cassette label Stenze Quo.

ê—ˆMERDRE ! (Brussels, Be) NOHMAD frequencies
sonic performance from Dawamesk & Maurice Charles JJ

ê—ˆCuspN (Brussels, Be)

5 euros

The Student , 76 rue des Palais, 76 Paleizenstraat, 1030 Brussels,
Tram 32, 25 ,93 (Liedts, Lefrancq)

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