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10-05-2014 // Paris - CMPTR MTHMTS


C_C with Arnaud Riviere
Usually plays guitar & bass in Projet Piscine.
impro solo set - fight walk in confusion / clear doom
Then he will have to try to operate according to two contradictory maps. This is not a recipe for peace of mind. Question the possibility of failure and the threat of inner collapse but never stop looking for new solutions and try to play songs.
Using energies, physical, emotional, mental and karmic, good, virtuous along with toxic and vicious as a fuel source; love, peace and other ideal states are converted from concepts into physical sensations, with sound (music or noise) and freedom assisting the process; It is possible to go beyond the age of reason and the age of enlightenment. To go beyond the intellect, beyond the emotions and beyond the carnal. To release the light within. This is more significant in the world of brutes, retards, sewage, liars, darkness, antipathy, aggression, dullness, death and rot than in the fertile living world of flowers, harmony, love, peace, wisdom and compassion.

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