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03-11-2013 // Berlin - Contort 7 w: C_C

Berlin - Contort 7 w: C_C

Contort #7 at Urban Spree

+++Main Room+++
Covered In Sand (Mira)
Violet Poison (live) (Hospital Productions)
Samuel Kerridge (dj) (Downwards)
Dalglish (PAN)
Lumisokea (Opal Tapes)
Lop Lop (Dead Fader and C_C) (live)
The Ambassador of Trouts (live)
Plaegium (live) 6 hour set

Visuals / Jolene Borrelli
Art / Anastasia Andrieu and Elisabeth Hannah Neid

Date / Sunday, 3 November 2013
Time / 12:00 (noon) - 21:00
Venue / Urban Spree / Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Cost / 2e

Contort is a Sunday daytime event that focuses on the more Experimental Side of Electronic music.
This is NOT just "another" techno/house party.

Our concept is to take artists out of their usual environment and give them the freedom to experiment with music.
Contort is a place you can chill, have a dance, do whatever you like, surrounded by like minded people, listening to artists playing something out of the ordinary in an extraordinary surrounding.